Tune Up Fitness Products – Wholesale Pricing

To make a wholesale purchase, prior to completing your first order you will need to complete a short application that provides information about you / your company, your use and potential resale outlets. You will receive this form during the checkout of your initial purchase. Upon completion, your order will be placed and your pending Wholesale account will be reviewed within 1-2 business days. Your order will then be released upon approval. Please be sure to add any and all physical and online locations where Tune Up Fitness products will be sold, including any third-party online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, your own site, etc.

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Below you will find information for pricing. As long as you have the wholesale minimum quantity in your cart (24 units per product), Tune Up Fitness wholesale pricing will automatically calculate during checkout. Wholesale minimums are reduced for PRO Club Members, who also receive credits on all wholesale purchases good towards future wholesale purchases.

Note:  At Wholesale pricing, Therapy Ball Product must be purchased as 24 units per item starting, then can be increased in increments of 12.  For more details please review our Minimum Resale Price Policy (“MRP”)which applies to all Online Resellers.

All wholesale orders must be reviewed immediately upon receipt.  If you have any concerns with the product or the shipment, you must notify our office within 15 days of receipt of the shipment.  We will not be able to honor any returns or refunds after this time.  ALL PRICING BELOW IS USD. 

Individual Products 1 – 23 24 – 143 144 – 719 720 – 1439 1440+
YTU Therapy Balls w/Tote $13.95 $7.45 $7.05 $6.75 $6.45
Therapy Ball Plus Pair in Tote $15.95 $8.45 $8.05 $7.75 $7.45
Alpha Ball $14.95 $8.55 $7.75 $7.45 $7.05
ALPHA Twin Set $27.95 $16.45 $16.05 $15.75 $15.45
Coregeous Ball (Iris & Graphite) $12.95 $7.05 $6.75 $6.45 $6.25
Double Loop Stretch Strap $10.95 $6.25 $6.00 $5.75 $5.50
Kits 1 – 11 12 – 23 24+
Roll Model Starter Kit $59.95 $44.95 $39.95
Treat While You Train Kit $84.95 $64.95 $59.95
Massage Therapy Full Body Kit $45.95 $35.45 $30.45