The Real Life Series

The Real Life Series

In this series, Jill Miller works with professionals, assessing their daily routines and teaching simple self-care techniques that can easily be worked into their day — so they can live (and perform) better in their body.

About the Real Life Series Episodes

Let’s get real — every profession brings with it some form of repetitive body stress. Whether you sit, lift, mouse, play an instrument, hold a camera or stare at a screen, too much of any one thing can lead to pain somewhere.


Our Favorite

Eddie Estavan

Shipment Courier

We can all relate to sitting too much and lifting the occasional heavy box, but Eddie delivers more than 200 packages per day — so when Jill’s FedEx Courier says his low back, shoulders and neck could use some love, she surprises him with three much needed rollouts and a shoulder stretch, teaching him how to roll on his route.

Liz Valdez

Hair Stylist
Real Life Series with Jill Miller -Tune Up Fitness

Liz works hard to keep her clients looking their best, but that leaves her hands, feet, shoulders and lower back paying the ultimate price of beauty. Join Jill as she shows Liz how the salon walls, tables and floor can be the perfect platform for rollouts and stretches that will give this stylist the full body makeover she deserves!

Beto Hale

Jill and pianist

Jill meets Beto at his Los Angeles in-home studio to learn how his composing, performing and singing talents have taken a toll on his hands, neck, shoulders and voice. Using four tailor-made Roll Model® Method moves, Beto learns to improve breath mechanics and mobility. All he needs is a little rock and ROLL to continue innovating the music scene with these healthy habits at home

Classes to Feel Better in Your Body

MOVE BREATHE ROLL classes bring fundamental elements of creativity, innovation and novel therapeutic approaches that help address mobility, pain, strength, down regulation and soft-tissue recovery. Take one of our suggested classes below or search for your own.

Psoas in the Spotlight
Psoas in the Spotlight 
Whole Body Express Rollout
Low Back Tune Up
Low Back Tune Up 

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