An immersive series of online classes for the progressive body-mover and explorer.

MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL online classes are filled with the fundamentals of creativity, innovation and novel therapeutic approaches that help address mobility, pain, strength, down regulation and soft-tissue recovery.

With a new series of classes focusing on “mythbusting,” Jill hones in on common myths and misperceptions of certain practice statements found throughout yoga and movement classrooms. The exercise sequencing of each class views these myths through the lense of anatomy, kinesiology and physiology to see if they are “logical or mythological.”

Classes are designed to enhance your current fitness practice, while educating and sparking creativity for those who teach or work directly with others.


New classes drop on Thursdays at 10am PT (1pm ET). Open to all fitness levels.

Session props throughout the series include:

  • All sizes of Roll Model® Method Therapy Balls
  • Double Loop Stretch Strap
  • Yoga Mat
  • 2 Blocks

(additional props may be used on a per class basis)


How do the MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL class cycles work for Subscribers?

Each week, for 4 weeks, a new class is released and a similarly themed “paired class” from the existing library is suggested to further enhance the goal and learning of each new class. The following week is a class review week to gather thoughts & questions for the Live Interactive Zoom Mentor Class the following week. No worries if you can't make the Live Interactive Zoom Class sessions as you'll have full access to the recordings and can pre-submit questions.


What are the MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL Interactive Mentor Classes?

The Interactive Mentor Classes are live one hour zoom sessions where Jill reviews questions from the previous set of classes (both presubmitted and live), discusses exercise modifications and also creates a short-form program around a topic/body area/issue submitted by participants. These sessions are recorded and available in the replay library to all subscribers.


What classes are in the Replay Library?

There are over 100 classes in the replay library ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, all based on the methodologies of The Roll Model® Method and/or Yoga Tune Up®. Many of them have been part of a themed series such as;

  • The Innovate Series are whole body classes filled with the fundamentals of creativity using objects like props to increase your spatial and proprioceptive awareness
  • The Evolution Series is explores the physiological and biomechanical considerations of different Asana poses and helps to identify each individual’s own “best practice” for their own body and limitations as it relates to those pose forms
  • 30 Minute Roll Out sessions and 60 Minute Yoga Tune Up classes, each focused around a particular body area or issue

What’s included in a Platinum Unlimited Monthly Subscription?

All MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL classes are included with a Platinum Unlimited Monthly Membership Subscription (which also includes unlimited replay access to the entire class library, including all Innovate and Evolution Series Classes, all past Mentor Sessions and the full "Tune Up Talks" series). You can also purchase an ‘Replay Pass’ to any individual class, which provides 7 Day full access to that class (after it debuts for subscribers). The Live Interactive Zoom Sessions are only accessible through the Platinum Monthly Membership Subscription.



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*Drop-In Passes for the Innovation Series Classes are only available AFTER each class's initial release.


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About Tune Up Fitness Formats:
The Roll Model® Method & Yoga Tune Up®

Jill created The Roll Model® Method and Yoga Tune Up® to help her students:

  • Build proprioceptive awareness of their body parts (the Embodymap)
  • Learn their own body’s language of movement by using clinical terminology and felt sense along with best practices
  • Ferret out “body blind spots” - areas of overuse, misuse, abuse and body confusion

View Past Classes from our  "Innovate" and "Evolution" series of classes

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