Walking Well: A Stepwise Approach to an Everyday Movement


Walking regularly offers many benefits, but walking well can be more complex than we realize. After an injury and as we age, taking a step forward is no stroll in the park. Enter Katy Bowman, biomechanist, and Jill Miller, fascia expert, who simplify and break down the act of walking to help improve gait, gain distance and make every step count  towards whole body wellness & longevity.


This program is accessible to any fitness level, and provides practical application to help make new strides. Walking Well offers a guide on how to walk longer time spans and take on more challenging distances and terrain. Learn proper form to efficiently carry weight, like a backpack,  and  manage steeper inclines and turf changes – from the comfort of your own home.


Walking Well will give you a deeper, anatomical understanding of gait  to ensure you are carrying yourself properly to avoid injury and take on life’s movement challenges. 


*This is an online streaming program that lives in your video library with 24/7 lifetime access.

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