Access 100’s of videos 24/7 – Get Started with a 7-Day Free Trial

Access 100’s of videos 24/7
Get Started with a 7-Day Free Trial

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Online Classes

The MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL online classes are designed to enhance your current fitness practice, while educating and sparking creativity for those who teach or work with others. Each new class release is paired with suggested classes from the library to further enhance class themes. 


MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL Class and Mentor Session Upcoming Releases

Five Favorite Hand Helpers
June 20th
Whole Body Tune Up: Morning Routine
June 27th
Best Breast Rollout
July 18th
Shoulder Spine Intertwine
July 25th
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This is your opportunity to connect with Jill live to get your questions answered.  Discover the “WHY, HOW, WHICH and WHAT” behind class sequences. These interactive sessions reveal programming essentials and are a boon to educators and students alike. Jill also includes bonus material including practices and research to enhance your understanding of classes in the library. These live sessions are recorded and available in the replay library to all subscribers.

Video Collections

Access videos from the Tune Up Fitness DVD catalog online 24/7, including Treat While You Train, Massage Therapy Full Body Program, Coregeous, KneeHab, QuickFix Rx Upper & Lower Body, and Roll Model Mama.


The unique poses, sequences and routines within the YTU At Home Program are designed to stretch, strengthen and heal from head-to-toe. This program has a total 24 different sessions (4 levels, 6 programs per level) to help create total body balance.

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Wholesale Product Credits

Wholesale Product Credits

Earn a 10% credit on every wholesale order, which can be applied to discount your next wholesale order. 
Course Discounts

Course Discounts

Take your education and application to the next level with 25% off full retail price of all Tune Up Fitness Online Courses.
Lower Wholesale Minimums

Lower Wholesale Minimums

No more 24 per product minimums for you, your minimum is now 12, AND you can MIX & MATCH wholesale products with only 6 of each product type.

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The Tune Up Fitness Video Library features hundreds of online videos that target/aid in mobility, pain and stress related issues. For fitness professionals, clinicians & coaches, you’ll gain exceptional education that helps create specialty programs for your clients and classes.

*Group Rates and Corporate Packages available, click here for information


  • 3 Onlines Classes per Month
  • 1 Curated Bonus Video per Month
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  • 24/7 Streaming Access
  • Bonus Content, Perks & Discounts(based on length of membership)

*Start with a 7-Day Free Trial

*Start with a 7-Day Free Trial


  • All PLATINUM Benefits.... PLUS
  • Access PDF Outlines of all Online Classes
  • Online Course Discounts(25% off full price of Online Courses)
  • Lower Wholesale Minimums(12 total products, and a min. of 6/ea. Product)
  • Mix/Match Products for Wholesale Minimums (6 of each product type)
  • Wholesale Discount Credit Accrual(10% towards future wholesale purchases)
  • Specialty Bonus Content

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Individual videos are available for 7 Day Rentals and Collections for 30 Day Rentals

All MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL Online Classes, YTU At Home Programs, and Mentorship Sessions can be rented for a 7-Day Viewing Period.  Video Collections (a package of themed videos) are available for a 30-Day period.

Rent. Watch. Learn – Move. Breathe. Roll.
Rental rates vary by title.

Any Questions?

We’re here to help. Check out our FAQs below, or email us directly at 

Question Which Subscription is right for me?
AnswerIf you like the comfort & ease of anytime access to a large library of videos that you can search and filter, along with getting new videos as they’re released AND you want to dive a bit deeper with live interactive sessions, then the Platinum Subscription is right for you.

If you’re a fitness professional, clinician or want to gain greater insight into programming and sequencing, become a true Roll Model with the PRO CLUB Subscription. You’ll receive all the benefits of the Platinum Subscription, plus wholesale purchasing credits & perks, Training discounts and other bonuses not available elsewhere.

New to Tune Up and just want to view a few videos per month and have the flexibility to access additional videos at a discount with our 7 Day On-Demand Rentals? The Bronze Subscription is your perfect fit.

Both the Platinum and Bronze Subscriptions begin with a 7-Day Free Trial.

Question With such a large library of videos, how do I find what’s right for me?
AnswerGreat question! Our library is searchable  by Category, Topic, Body Area, and Length. Each new class will always be featured at the top of the video library page when it is released, and you can find highlighted videos organized by topic directly within your personal library dashboard.
Question How can I organize the videos I’ve watched?
AnswerOnce you’ve watched a video it goes into your viewing history, which is presented in order by most recently viewed. You can also favorite videos to find them later or highlight them in your history. Your video library is accessed through your personal dashboard, where you’ll also see the latest video you’ve rented (if applicable).
Question Is there any limit to the number of videos I have access to?
AnswerOnly the Bronze Subscription has a limit on video access. The Platinum and PRO CLUB subscriptions have no limit to video access, including unlimited replays.
Question How does billing work and can I cancel or put my Subscription on hold?
AnswerBoth the Bronze and Platinum subscriptions include a 7-Day Free Trial, so billing begins after that 7-day period, and renews each month thereafter on that same calendar date. You can put your subscription on hold, or cancel at any time. Holds or cancellations will begin at the end of the current billing period, or the end of your six month PRO CLUB Subscription cycle, and you will have access to your videos until the billing period ends. Putting your subscription on hold will allow you to retain your full viewing history, however, cancelling your subscription will remove all viewing history.