Breast & Chest Master Class with Jill Miller & Katy Bowman


Join Jill Miller and Katy Bowman for a 2.5-hour online Master Class covering strength, mobility, and self-massage movements to keep your chest strong, supple, and moving well through the ages and stages of life. Breast discomfort and pain are the top reasons people shy away from exercise and yet many aren’t taught how to care for the tissues in this area.


Breasts are a critical bridge between shoulder mobility, spine shape, and even lung function. This Master Class is part movement and part lecture. You’ll leave with 16 movements that will cover the ins and outs of your ribcage, including the diaphragm and all the parts in between. Originally recorded live, this program includes 2 hours of instruction from these two leading voices in the world of movement, plus 30 minutes of interactive question-and-answer.


This program serves as a great introduction to or adjunct support for Walking Well, and when purchased, will be accessible in your Video Library 24/7.

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Products Used in this Program

This combo product set includes two Coregeous® Balls plus one Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Pair in Tote to roll along and amongst breast and chest structures. 

The Coregeous Ball is a gentle inflatable, air-filled sponge ball with a unique grippy “skin” to mobilize delicate tissues connected to the breast, neck, and shoulders. Great for decompressing your back and ribs to ease pain, support better breaths, and soften scar tissue. The YTU Therapy Balls are solid rubber balls used to target specific trigger points of the upper back and shoulders, helping relieve tension developed by weakness or lack of movement in muscles, fascia and more.