Pro Club Subscription

$395.00 every 6 months

The PRO CLUB Subscription is for the serious-minded fitness professional or clinician seeking to understand the context behind Tune Up Fitness programming, and learn the latest fascia and breathwork science.


You receive 24/7 ACCESS to the full video library, including all MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL Classes, Mentor Sessions and Collection Series (our DVDs online). You’ll also get a 25% discount on the full price of all our Educational Courses, as well as a 10% product credit on wholesale purchases, lower minimum purchase requirements and the ability to mix/match products to hit wholesale minimums.  


PRO CLUB subscribers get first view access to all newly released classes and can participate in live online monthly group Mentor Sessions with Jill Miller where you can ask questions and dive deeper into each class, its sequencing and overall programming. You’ll also receive the sequencing syllabus to all MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL classes to assist in your own programming.


This subscription is ideal for those who use our online classes & courses for their own education and programming and also purchase our products for use with clients. It is designed to help you grow your mind and your business. For more details go here.


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