Roll Model® Starter Kit


The Roll Model®  Starter Kit provides you with a portable set of tools to improve your mobility, prevent injury, and practice self-care fitness. This kit includes all four sizes of Therapy Balls (The YTU Therapy Ball in Tote, Therapy Ball PLUS, ALPHA, and Coregeous) and fits perfectly inside our Roll Model Shoulder Tote, which has a convenient inner zipper pocket for cash, credit cards, cell phone (or your Coregeous Ball plug and straw!). 

The Roll Model® Starter Kit is a great way to begin your journey with Tune Up Fitness and a great companion to The Roll Model Book by Jill Miller. *Therapy Ball Colors may vary.

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Learn myofascial self massage with the Roll Model Starter Kit – includes the entire Tune Up Fitness massage balls sets and convenient travel tote.