Tune Up Fitness Minimum Resale Pricing (“MRP”) Policy

Tune Up Fitness Worldwide Inc. (“TUFW”) is committed to ensuring the quality of its products to end users and in order to maintain the trusted brand name, product quality, and end user consistency, it created this Minimum Resale Pricing (“MRP”) Policy applicable to all of its Online Resellers.

  1. The recommended resale price for each TUFW product is the MSRP outlined on the tuneupfitness.com website at www.tuneupfitness.com/wholesale  If you are selling product through an online outlet (such as your personal website) and the product includes free shipping, the sale price must be at least 10% above the MSRP for any Assembled Kit Product,  (Treat While You Train Kit and Massage Therapy Kit), 15% for DVDs and at least 25% above MSRP for any individual Therapy Ball Product (YTU Therapy Ball Pair in Tote, Therapy Ball PLUS in Tote, ALPHA Ball, ALPHA TWIN Set in Tote, Coregeous Ball). The Roll Model Starter Kit may not be sold by any online reseller without the expressed written permission by TUFW.
  2. Sales through any third party outlet such as Amazon, EBay, Jet.com, etc is strictly prohibitted without the expressed written permission by TUFW. Any wholesaler found selling through these outlets will immediately lose all wholesale privledges and will not have any recourse for return of inventory purchased for sale through these outlets.
  3. Each advertisement, discount offer, or sale resulting in the unit pricing falling below such price is a violation of this Policy and will result in immediate, unilateral termination of further inventory shipments to the violating Online Reseller.  TUFW may have the option to repurchase Online Reseller’s existing inventory at the time of the violation of the Policy to minimize the market disruption caused by sales below the MSRP.
  4. TUFW is not seeking agreement from any reseller to adhere to the Policy and it is within the Online Reseller’s discretion whether to comply with the MSRP floor prices, however, TUFW will unilaterally enforce the Policy.
  5. Online Reseller must notify TUFW within 7 days of product receipt of any product or shipping issues related to purchases by Online Reseller.  We will not be able to honor any returns or refunds after this time.
  6. All return requests for products purchased through Online Reseller must be managed, returned to, and refunded by Online Reseller (based on Online Reseller’s refund policy).
  7. Upon request, Online Resellers must provide the TUFW Policy Administrator with a list of all online shops and outlets in which TUFW products are sold along with any Reseller identification names associated with Reseller.
  8. TUFW may modify, suspend, or discontinue the Policy in whole or in part at any time, or may designate promotional periods during which the terms of the Policy are inapplicable.
  9. The Policy is effective as of March 28, 2016. TUFW may in its sole discretion modify this MRP and its applicable product list.
  10. If Online Reseller has any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the Policy, please contact the TUFW Policy Administrator Annie Brown by phone: 818-760-2045 or email: annie@tuneupfitness.com.

Visit the Tune Up Fitness Wholesale page for more product information.

Item MRP
YTU Therapy Balls w/Tote $18.69
Therapy Ball Plus Pair in Tote $21.19
Alpha Ball $19.94
ALPHA Twin Set $36.69
Coregeous Ball $18.19
Double Loop Stretch Strap $14.94
Treat While You Train Kit $90.95
Massage Therapy Full Body Kit $51.95
Coregeous DVD $22.94
Massage Therapy DVD $40.19
Quickfix Kneehab $22.94
Quickfix RX: Upper & Lower Body DVD $34.44
Treat While You Train DVD $40.19
*Updated as of 6/25/2021