In part one of this blog, you will find some information on the nuts and bolts of your feet.  Today, you get to learn how to massage your feet every day with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls.  See the video below.  You knead to do this.   Your whole body will thank you.  And next time you stand in tadansana with your awesome, parallel feet, say to yourself or maybe out loud and proud TADA-sana.  You and your feet deserve a TADA!

This video is a guideline to rolling five areas of the foot and you have permission to add and/or delete certain sequences.  You have permission to spend more time or less time.  You are in charge.  Once you start taking care of your feet, you will notice an overall sense of relief.  Your whole body will be more relaxed.  Pay particular attention to your calves and hamstrings before and after you roll.  I like to take a forward fold or uttanasana before and after I roll to compare.  (A half forward fold is also great.) Sometimes I even forward fold before I roll the other foot so I can see the difference between legs.  Tight calves and hamstrings play a role in lower back pain.  Take care of your feet and you will start on the path of taking care of your whole body, from the ground up.

And now:  Tricks & Treats For Your “Feets.”


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