Hey, it’s your buddy “lats” here again, and I’m happy to report I just completed my first video where I have a starring role! Check out this Yoga Tune Up® video called Locust Minivini. Yep, that’s me around minute 4.48. I’m the one helping to keep her arms extended and adducted towards the body so that the lovely Jill Miller can strengthen her back without impinging her lumbar spine as she rocks back and forth. My mom would be so proud!

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Christina Broome

For years, movement has interspersed my life with health, joy and adventure. By teaching mindful movement classes my hope is that others will share in the joy of movement and awaken to their own abundant level of fitness. Registered Yoga Teacher- 200 hour level. Certified in Nutrition & Fitness, San Diego Mesa College. Certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher. Certified in Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball training. Completed Yoga Tune Up® Shoulder Immersion.

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Laurianne Gaudet

Thank you for this sequence! Strengthen the trunk stabilizers and massage the lower back, it is really ideal for long working days sitting

Mindy Micheli

What a great set of posts Christina. You and Jill have totally entertained and educated my mind and body into a very Latissimus-friendly state of being…so sensory-rich in context and mental engagement that I feel your “Latissimus” story will have the ability to be remembered for time and all eternity! This is so awesome, as it is easy to struggle with retention considering the volume of information in such a highly enriching learning environment. I am just beginning my Yoga Tune Up journey, and have been incredibly impressed by the quality and depth of both the training, as well as… Read more »

martina sturm

this video enlightened me in one exercise i could use for parighasana prep.learned something new.thanks!


Thank you so much for this great video! I am in need of some lat strengthening! One of the reasons my shoulders are lacking the rotation they need is because my lats need strenghtening and stretching! This will be another exercise I add to my rep!


I really enjoy all the videos (and photos) presented in these blogs. They’re so useful as I’m just beginning my journey with Yoga TuneUp (in the level 1 training). In this video I found a few new variations on things that I already work with my students. I never thought, in side bending savasana, of offer resistance to the outside leg as you slide it in. I feel like this would be creating a certain degree of eccentric contraction as the obliques on the extended side of the spine must have to do some work at stabilizing as they’re lengthening.… Read more »


Thanks for the great post – I can never get enough of Jill’s videos. I love sidewinder pose and found the entire sequence useful. I love the preps and balance by stretching and strengthening the QL and lats before Locust vinyasa. I cannot wait to practice this pose and I think my students will love it. And ending with the lower back massage is perfect!


Christina, thank you for the chance to see the lats so clearly in action. In my own practice I am starting to appreciate how the forward roll of the shoulders and upper arms encouraged by computer time and jog bras can get in the way of the lats actually getting to do their job. Tuning in to this blind spot in my own body is helping me identify similar issues with my clients.