Treat While You Train Video

Yoga Tune Up Treat While You Train DVD
Treat While You Train DVD Back Cover
Treat While You Train 2 DVD Set

With a focus on Performance, Recovery and Injury Prevention, this 2-Disc at-home fitness DVD features JILL MILLER & KELLY STARRETT guiding you on self-treatment strategies using each of the Roll Model® Therapy Balls (YTU Originals, PLUS, ALPHA & Coregeous). Learn to treat yourself as Jill and Kelly take you through an in-depth educational tour to un-glue internal stiffness and promote slide and glide amongst all the soft tissue layers including skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more!

Segments include: Ball Techniques, Global Shear, Upper Torso, Shoulders & Chest, Elbows & Wrists, Lower Torso, Knee & its Neighbors, Feet & Ankles, plus a Myofascial Educational Demo. This content is best suited for serious fitness enthusiasts, athletes, professionals and those interested in the educational aspects of treatment.
Also available (but sold separately)… The Treat While You Train Kit (save $15): Get the DVD, plus all the tools you need, packed in a shoulder strap drawstring travel tote. Bring your toolkit to the gym, office or wherever life takes you!