Coregeous® DVD

Yoga Tune Up Coregeous DVDs

Overcome core and abdominal weakness caused by underuse, over-training, injury, or scar tissue with our Coregeous® core exercise DVD. These 7 specialized at-home self-care fitness routines will help restore facility and function to your entire torso by improving biomechanics, mobility, and stability to the multiple tissues surrounding, supporting and enveloping your spine and core.
(NOTE: The Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and the Coregeous Ball are recommended for use with this Video - get 10% off a set by using coupon code: BALLS10)


Our Coregeous® ball is an inflatable, air-filled massage therapy ball designed to help you activate your core and stretch out your psoas muscle. When used in tandem with the Coregeous® core exercise DVD, this self-massage therapy ball can stimulate digestion, improve respiratory function, and release muscle tension. Its soft, spongey texture allows you to gently massage your innermost abdominals, targeting and treating physical discomfort while also working to alleviate tension and stress. In addition to the Coregeous® ball, our original Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls can be used with this core exercise DVD. These self-massage balls are smaller in size, and a fantastic tool for deep tissue penetration. Their rubber texture provides a significant amount of grip, making them ideal for accessing specific trigger points on the body. Learn how to treat your pain holistically, and fortify your body against it, with the Coregeous® core exercise DVD from Tune Up Fitness.