YTU At Home Program - Full Series (All 4 Levels - 24 DVDs)

Price: $279.00
The Yoga Tune Up® At Home DVD series consists of 4 LEVELS with six DVDs in each Level; 24 DVDS within the entire program. Each DVD includes 3 sequences that are typical of a shorter “class” style format, with each pose segueing into the next. Each At Home DVD has two different routines, one that’s about 15 minutes and another that’s about 30 minutes, plus a fluid combination of both routines -- providing a full 45 minute session. Your monthly DVDs progress in skill advancement and introduce new poses and sequencing, allowing you to build a DVD library so you'll always have that perfect routine based on how your body FEELS and how much TIME you have.

Get the entire Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up® At Home DVD series at once and save over. $80! The stretching strap with loops is used within this program AND we highly recommend you incorporate the Massage Therapy Full Body Kit routines to create a full stretch, strength and self-massage program.