If you already have some ALPHAs, this small mesh drawstring bag is just what you need as it is perfectly sized to create your own ALPHA ball TWIN tote. The contour of the ALPHA TWIN Set, coupled with the grip & grab of the mesh tote provides shear all the way to the bone with enough coverage area for large muscle groups.



The snug fit of the ALPHA Ball TWIN set inside this mesh drawstring bag will allow you to achieve phenomenal neck traction and deep healing myofascial release. You can utilize the ALPHA Ball TWIN Tote either against the wall or on the floor to better access the areas of your body that bring you pain or discomfort. Massage your spine, QL, IT band, hips, buttocks and more; the tote and massage ball combination will comfortably roll over bony prominences. Types of pain that can be relieved from using the ALPHA Ball TWIN Tote for self-massage include migraine headaches, stiff neck and tight jaw, tight hips and hamstrings, sciatica and back pain, and more. Consistent use and practice will not only help to rid your body of various aches and pains, but also fortify it against them. Purchase this small, mesh drawstring bag today and get the ALPHA ball rolling.