Jason Campbell

Jason always had a natural inclination towards yoga, often standing unknowingly in tree pose (or at least the legs of tree pose) while doing dishes. It wasn’t until 2005 at the insistence of his partner that he tried Moksha Hot Yoga in London, Ontario. He enjoyed it, but it didn’t seem this was the time to pick up yoga. It wasn’t until 2006 that he started to attend sporadic classes with his room mate, and began practicing via dvd at home that Jason really began to connect with this body work. In 2008, Jason made the move to Ottawa with his best friend to escape the boredom he was experiencing in London, looking for something new… anything new. Finding a job without speaking French turned out to be more difficult than expected, so with this free time Jason joined Moksha Yoga Ottawa’s energy exchange program. It was instant love, and his sporadic practice turned into a 6 day a week practice. This lead Jason to take the Moksha Yoga 500hr teacher training starting in March of 2009. It was life changing and he is forever grateful for the opportunity to make this life change. As a teacher he has always strived to help students understand why exactly they are twisting and turning in all kinds of weird (yet wonderful) ways. As Jason’s yoga education has grown, it’s enabled him to bring better experiences and education to the students at the studios. Jason is beyond excited to start a new yogic journey into the Yoga Tune Up® method. He believes it will revolutionize the current yoga industry, evolving it in an incredibly mindful, yet scientifically smart way. Jason looks forward to learning and growing with all of you, and hopes to see you in classes soon! Find me on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/mobilitymend

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Friday, September 19th, 2014
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