My first yoga experience in a YTU class taught me that there is a whole lot more to health and fitness than just strength training. Pandora’s Box had been opened. Since that humbling yet educational experience, I’ve voraciously learned every philosophy and modality that crossed my mental landscape. I don’t belong to a single school of thought because they all can provide a little gem of knowledge that connects the dot a little bit more. There is a time and place for each and every modality and type of movement or exercise. The trick is to remain open-minded, connect with your own body, and objectively assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

The author combines strength, flexibility and balance to pull off this pose!

Building health starts with building flexibility, but it is surely not the end all be all. What good is a slingshot if you can only load it to its maximum length, but it just droops down like a stretched out piece of chewing gum when you let it go? You have to add strength, power, high-quality fuel through healthy food and hydration, meditation, and a positive and optimistic frame of mind if you want to build the total package. It all counts if you’re chasing longevity.

From Better Body to Better Business

I don’t prescribe to any single school of thought solely. I journey from camp to camp and learn from the greatest minds this industry has to offer, keeping an open mind at all times. In the process I’ve synthesized and created an approach to personal training, nutritional consulting and lifestyle coaching I can truly call my own. I have a wide variety of clients with different goals, cultural tastes, physiologies, and case histories. Each warrants a slightly modified approach in order to elicit optimal results. Different strokes for different folks. If it were not for my first ego-breaking YTU experience, I’d still be a one-trick pony trainer.

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