Dynamic movement happens when the body keeps moving from one motion to the next without stopping. This type of action warms up the tissues of the body, improves circulation and prepares us for activity.

When we are still, we grow a kind of moss all over our musculature. This “inner moss” is fascia, an important connective tissue webbing that strings our body together. Sometimes this is helpful, for example in protecting a muscle that has been injured. However, fascia does not distinguish between an injured muscle and a “lazy” or underused muscle. It will just grow and continue to restrict movement unless it is regularly mobilized.

When we move our bodies fully, encouraging motion into every joint and muscle fiber in the body, we aid in loosening up adhesions that regularly grow between the sliding surfaces of muscles all over our body. When we dynamically stretch away our restrictions by breaking apart our tension areas, we feel better physiologically and psychologically!

Try this Locust Minivini dynamic stretch below and also in the 5 Minute Quick Fix for Lower Back video.

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