In my last post, I described the Power of the Pause to enhance your connection to your internal terrain and unearth some of your unknown postural patterns. But, what can you DO in the pause?
We are immersed in a “doing” culture and that can make a down-regulating practice downright frustrating. The frantic mind can run in circles and inhibit the connection and impact of your pause. We all know the old saying, “Practice makes perfect” and that certainly plays an important role in training the mind to soften its hold on the experience within your body, but having a simple task can help too. I’ve recently learned a technique that, for me, works wonders as it differentiates the placement of my breath in my body, leaving the door open to feeling my physical experience.

Ardha Savasana or “Constructive Rest” is a great place for a pause.

My suggestion is to begin with a well-known pose or therapy ball rolling practice that you can perform with a measure of ease. Something both familiar and effective for your body. Then come into ardha savasana (laying on your back with your knees gently bent and your feet on the floor) or another mode of reclining that best suits you. Pause. Pause. Pause.

Begin to direct your inhale toward the lowest of your back ribs, allow the breath to descend along the back plane of your interior and feel the full sense all the way to the back of your pelvic funnel. As you begin your exhale feel the breath move to the front of your pelvic funnel and allow the breath to travel along the front of your abdomen, ribcage, chest and out your nose until the exhale is extinguished. Follow this looping breath for 5-8 cycles for a long deep pause as you notice the ripple effects of the initial action you chose.

Just a few moments in the Power of the Pause can help reintegrate your many separate parts into a fully felt whole that moves with ease, awareness and grace.


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