On Wednesday, we explored the ways in which the scalenes affect our movement, breath, stress response, organs, intuition and joie de vivre. I also mentioned that much of our high stress life and habitual movement patterns can lead to some seriously irritated and tight scalene muscles. The good news is there are some simple Yoga Tune Up practices to offer balance and relief. Included at the bottom of this blog is a fabulous video offering a sequence that will both strengthen (remember, tight doesn’t always mean strong) and stretch your scalenes. To maximize the stress relieving capacity of a scalene release, finish with a few moments practicing the Full Yogic Breath as described below.

Full Yogic Breath– Come into a comfortable seated or lying position, and let your eyes close, shifting your focus to your internal experience. As you inhale allow your belly to inflate, then your ribs expand, and finally the breath moves up into your chest. Slowly exhale, and let everything release and relax. Continue this pattern for at least 5 breaths, but enjoy it as long as you like.



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