In addition to the trigger point massage I described in my last post, add to your self-care by using your Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls on your mastoid process to massage the origin of the digastric. Then move the Therapy Balls to your upper trapezius to help melt away contributing factors.  Add in daily stretches such as the Yoga Tune Up® pose When No Means Yes (in the clip below):

Other Yoga Tune Up® poses that will help keep your head on top of your spine and reduce postural contributing factors are Blockhead to engage the neck extensors, Pranic Bath to stretch the anterior deltoid and pectoralis minor, and 3x Cobra at the Wall to engage the posterior neck and back muscles, open up the thoracic spine and chest. In addition, Standing Diaphragm Based Backbend will further open your thoracic spine, countering the forward head position that we find ourselves in everyday when we sit at a computer or a car.

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