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Yoga Tune Up® Your Fingers!

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I recently wrote a blog on the extensor digitorum, the muscle that creates extension for the medial digits in the hands. When this muscle is ignored, it can cause issues in your tissues. Your wrist, hand, and digits can become tight with trigger points, especially since these parts of our body live in an internally rotated world. Our hands and fingers have become comfortable in the ‘claw’ position rather than fully extending which is what they need after sitting at a computer keyboard, or using a mouse.

In this video below, Jill Miller is doing a Yoga Tune Up® exercise called Piano Fingers. She is extending each digit one at a time to strengthen and lengthen the digits, giving the digits purpose so they can work independently without relying on other muscle groups to do the work for them.

Here is the exercise: Standing or sitting, palms face up. Extend your fingers like you are giving the sky or ceiling a high five. Then flex (bend) each finger in towards your palm, pinky, ring, middle, index, thumb. Repeat. Then you will reverse this exercise by starting with extending your fingers, thumb, index, middle, ring and pinky finger. Repeat. See if you can get some pace in the exercise. If you do a lot of work on your hands it is good to get articulation through each finger.

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Comments (28)

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