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What is your product return policy?

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WHOLESALE ORDERS: All products must be reviewed immediately upon receipt. If you have any concerns with the product or the shipment, you must notify our office within 15 days of receipt of the shipment. We will not be able to honor any returns or refunds after this time. Refund is for physical products only, Tune Up Fitness is unable to refund shipping costs. THERAPY BALL, KITS, ACCESSORIES & BOOKS: These items may be returned within 30 Days from date of purchase and must be in “New” condition, with the all original packaging included and attached. For kits, products may not have been opened and must be fully sealed and all cardboard sleeves must still be on the tote for any ball product. Any artwork, logos and/or imprints on a Therapy Ball product must remain fully intact and visible with no wear. Refund is for the physical items returned only. Original shipping will not be refunded. ONLINE VIDEO SUBSCRIPTIONS, RENTALS & COURSES: The cost of these items are non-refundable. Viewing video material on the site requires broadband access. Please be sure to test your system’s ability to play video prior to making a purchase. FOR ALL RETURNS: You must notify the Tune Up Fitness office of your desire to return a product by emailing support@tuneupfitness.com. Please return your product using a traceable shipping option so that your return can be verified. We, unfortunately, can not accept returns or provide refunds from third party purchases, whether an individual, or retailer. If you purchased your product from another individual or retailer, please contact the source of purchase for assistance.

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