Jill Miller’s Podcast

Below is Jill Miller’s upcoming in person and live online event schedule. You can also study with Jill directly through her MOVE BREATHE ROLL online classes and live mentor sessions.


Enjoy these Podcasts with Jill Miller where she discusses her methodologies along with the latest research in fascia science and the vagus nerve, as well as her books BODY by BREATH and THE ROLL MODEL.

Jill Miller On Nervous System Regulation for Bendy People
Zebra Talks with Libby Hirsley

Breathwork with Jill Miller: The Science of Resilience
We Go There on air with LEXI + NIKKI

MOTM #498: The Beyonce of Breath with Jill Miller
The Movement Maestro // Maestro on the Mic

How Breath Can Dramatically Improve Your Performance
Tom Foxley: The Art of Success

Jill Miller: Body by Breath und mit Rollen zureuck zum Korpergefuhl #153
Think Flow Grow Cast mit Tim Boettner

Episode 171: Jill Miller – Co-Founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide, Author
The Derek Duvall Show

Jill Miller: How breath, self massage and movement improve your health. Miller’s new book, “Body by Breath.”
Yoga with Jake

SCP Podcast Episode 243: Jill Miller – Body by Breath: The Science and Practice of Physical and Emotional Resilience
Perry Nickleson

Jill Miller, Body by Breath
Julie Angel | The Curious Midlife

Master Your Body Through Breath | Jill Miller
Brock Covington | The Zero Quit Podcast

Body by Breath by Jill Miller
Body Talk with David Lesondak

Harness the vagus nerve to “turn on your off switch” with Jill Miller
Yogland Podcast with Andrea Ferretti

Body by Breath by Jill Miller 
The Joanne Avison Podcast

Jill Miller: The Evolution of a Fascia Expert, Body Blind Spots, and a Bottom Up Approach to Healing 
The Ready State

287 A Body by Breath with Jill Miller 
The Optimal Body with Doc Jen Fit and Jill Miller

Body by Breath with Jill Miller
The Thinking Practitioner

#188 Breath Your Way to Better Health: Insights from Movement Pioneer Jill Miller of The Art of Breath-work for Pain Relief and Resilience 
Gabby Reece

162. Jill Miller On Self-Care, Myofascial Release, & Tune Up Fitness
Andrew Takata

How to build your reserve of mental, physical, and emotional resilience with Jill Miller
Yogaland Podcast/ Andrea Ferretti

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IG Live with Miss Mayim

#407: Body By Breath: Jill Miller talks relaxation (and relaxation-induced anxiety), scars, healing, and more 
Balanced Bites Podcast

Podcast_Breath is a Whole-Body Activity_thumbnail

#145 Move Your DNA: Breath is a Whole-Body Activity 
Katy Bowman, Nutritious Movement // Move Your DNA Podcast

#69 Jill Miller: Yoga, Hypermobility, & Relaxation Induced Anxiety 
David Grey, David Grey Rehab

How to Heal Faster, Perform Better, & Live Longer – with Jill Miller
Shawn Model, The Model Health Show

Using Breathwork to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility & Increase Performance w/ Jill Miller
Joe Defranco, Industrial Strength Show


[Body By Breath] The 5 P’s of the Parasympathetic Nervous System w/ Jill Miller, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Coach Travis Mash #683
Barbell Shrugged

Breathe Your Way to Better Menopausal Health with Jill Miller
Selene Yeager, Hit Play Not Pause


#88 Jill Miller On Body Blind Spots, The Power of Self Massage in Working with Emotional Trauma and Finding Rest States
Hontestly Unbalanced with The Huslers

Pain Management from the Pros, Strategies & Solutions for Successful Treatment & Recovery with Dr. Kelly Starrett, Jill Miller & PJ Nestler
Gabby Reece