The PRO 6 Pack

Yoga Tune Up PRO Pack Six Ball Package
The PRO 6 Pack of massage therapy balls is a great discounted starter set for any professional to have inventory to sell to (and use with) clients. It comes with 6 of each Roll Model Therapy Ball Type; six pairs of YTU Therapy Balls in Tote, 6 pairs of Therapy Ball PLUS in Tote and 6 single ALPHA Balls. Some bodies simply require more surface area and height to obtain a greater depth of pressure and this collection has something for every body type. Therapy ball colors may vary. (We also sell the ALPHA Ball TWIN Tote individually)



Each Roll Model massage therapy ball included in the PRO 6 Pack offers endless opportunities for healing and pain relief. The original Yoga Tune Up therapy balls are designed to help you effectively access trigger points and high-tension areas to ease various aches and pains in your body. Small and convenient, you can use them at home or on the go. In the PRO 6 Pack you will also find our Therapy Ball PLUS self-massage balls. These are slightly larger than the original YTU massage therapy balls, so they cover more surface area and add height to allow for a greater depth of pressure. They penetrate through dense layers of skin and muscle to improve ailments such as sciatica & back pain, IT band syndrome and more. Lastly, the PRO 6 Pack includes the sizeable ALPHA ball. Larger in diameter than the other two, this Roll Model massage therapy ball is designed to help you target your body’s larger areas like your hips, pecs, and buttocks. From migraines to plantar fasciitis, help your clients live better in their bodies with the PRO 6 Pack from Tune Up Fitness.