The Professional’s Club

Are You a Fitness, Wellness or Medical Professional? Do you purchase Tune Up Fitness Product Wholesale?

If so… we’d like to introduce you to the Tune Up Fitness Professional’s Club. Our mission at Tune Up Fitness is to empower people with tools and strategies to take healthcare into their own hands. Yes, that often means that individuals must see qualified Professionals for guidance, inspiration, accountability, check-ups and help with advanced issues. So, our goal with The Professional’s Club is to provide additional support to all you PRO’s out there who share this Self-Care Healthcare vision!

How much does it cost to be a part of the Professionals Club?

It is FREE, you simply must qualify by being a fitness, wellness or medical professional (individual or business) that purchases TUFW product wholesale (and does not resell product through 3rd party platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc.).

What do I get by joining The Professional’s Club?

  1. Quarterly discount credits toward product purchases
  2. Lower Quantity Minimums on TUFW Product
  3. Exclusive “Best Use” videos on Tune Up Fitness products and techniques

How do I join The Professional’s Club?

While the Pro Club has not officially launched, you can pre-register below. Just fill out a short information application and additional details will be sent to you. You must already have an account on the website and have made at least one wholesale purchase.