Training Interest

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Host a Yoga Tune Up® or Roll Model® Method Training

Tune Up Fitness offers many engaging training experiences for all movement practices and we are very pleased that you are interested in hosting one of them. Discover a fresh approach to embodied movement, conscious corrective exercise, and myofascial self-care in the comfort of your own facility when you book a Tune Up Fitness training. Offering Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method embodied movement experiences around the globe is something we are very excited about, and it would be our pleasure to plan trainings together that ideally offer your business positive benefits which we wish to support. 


  • Participating in unique embodied learning experiences conveniently in your own studio setting
  • Possibility to offer discounts to on-schedule teachers and staff
  • Income generated as host of the Training
  • Recognition as a facilitator of the Roll Model® Method, Yoga Tune Up®, and the self-care health care wellness message
  • The opportunity to offer Roll Model® and/or Yoga Tune Up® branded classes with experience certified teachers at your studio
  • Offer staff and teachers a convenient way to obtain CECs for their attendance
  • Community building potential as other yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, and fitness trainers may take these offerings at your studio
  • The ability for yourself, your staff and clients to become YTU and RMM Certified

If you are a studio or facility owner looking to host a YTU or RMM Training in your area CLICK HERE.

If you are an individual looking to have a YTU or RMM Training in your area, and are interested in getting a host location and promoting the training CLICK HERE.


"Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre in Kanata, Ontario has been pleased to host Yoga Tune Up training sessions in our training centre since we opened our studio in 2015. This experience has provided Beyond with great exposure to the Ottawa and area teaching community, an opportunity to offer our own teachers advanced training and our members a chance to try out YTU through the Level 1 Master classes."
- Beyond Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre 

"I love having smart trainers visit our studio and it is also helps bring more awareness of our studio not only locally, but from all over the country and beyond. YTU and RMM trainings are very well known in the yoga and movement community and are sought after by teachers in the industry which as a studio owner, makes marketing efforts much easier."
- Jean Eng, Owner of Connect Yoga