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Rollout: Gutter Ball
Suggested Therapy Ball: 
YTU Ball, TB Plus
Body Part: 
Shoulder and Neck
Performance Benefits: 
Addresses trigger points in the upper shoulder supraspinatus and upper trapezius. Relieves chronic tension and stiffness from shrugging shoulders upwards or raising arms in abduction.
Therapeutic Application: 
Can relieve neck and shoulder pain for range of motion and general sense of relaxation.
The action is a shimmy or a sway from side to side. Make sure you go the full distance of each scapula spine “gutter”. Place a brick under the sacrum for comfort. Lean towards to increase or away from the ball to decrease sense of weight and gravity.
*Note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. The instruction and advice contained herein are in no way intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.
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