Dawn McCrory, DPT

Dawn McCrory, DPT

Website: www.kinesisliving.com

Email: drdawndpt@gmail.com

Location: Culver City, CA, US

A Little About Me

Dr. Dawn is an expert in the field of physical therapy and movement science. She has worked in a variety of settings affording her insights and perspectives along the continuum of body care. Dr. Dawn's illustrious career includes a long list of celebrity clients, athletes, and others who insist on working with the best to achieve their optimal physical functioning. 
Yoga Tune Up® embodies Dr. Dawn's philosophy of precise movement with a keen focus on musculo-skeletal alignment. Low volume and high quality are the cornerstones of her individualized small group Yoga Tune Up® sessions. Every person leaves each session with the self-care knowledge to continue their health and wellness journey. 
In her spare time, Dr. Dawn can be found swimming, biking, running, and lifting heavy weights. She also loves hanging with her family and taking long dog walks!

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Tune Up Fitness Continuing Education

  • Yoga Tune Up Teacher Certification
  • Core Immersion
  • Integrated Embodied Anatomy
  • Shoulders Immersion
  • Hips Immersion
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