Alys Dahbura

Alys Dahbura

Yoga Tune Up® Teacher


Location: Hagerstown, MD, US

A Little About Me

Alys Dahbura is a movement educator passionate about encouraging people to trust their intuition and restore within themselves an environment for optimal movement.  She holds certifications in Yoga Tune Up®,  Rock Tape Myofascial Taping, Egoscue PAS Level 2, Primal Movement Chains, the Biomechanics Method,ACE group fitness, 200 hr yoga teacher, and Spinning.  Alys holds a B.S. in Biology and an MS in Environmental Science but her journey from a debilitating injury allowed her to "live it and learn it" - expanding her book knowledge into true embodiment of functional anatomy.  

Tune Up Fitness Continuing Education

  • Yoga Tune Up Teacher Certification
  • Integrated Embodied Anatomy
  • Yoga Tune Up Teacher Certification
  • Body by Breath Immersion
  • Core Immersion
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