Louis Jackson

Louis Jackson

Yoga Tune Up® Teacher
Teacher Trainer
Integrated Teacher

Website: www.louisjacksonyoga.com

Email: louis.jackson3@gmail.com

Location: Mountain View, CA, US

A Little About Me

Building on 22 years of personal practice, Louis is a modern Hatha Yogi who weds tradition with biomechanics to mine the jewels of this ancient craft.  The Modern Yogi is one who practices being aware of where they're unaware until there are no more blind spots and all that is left,  is ---.   As a Certified Yoga Tune up Teacher and Trainer, he draws the most inspiration from his teacher Jill Miller's pithy sutra:  "the body thinks in feels." In Louis' playful laboratory, become a Samonaut:  one who "navigates the inner space of human form, exploring the infinite worlds within in order to divine the self."

In addition to Yoga Tune Up® creator Jill Miller,  Louis stands on the shoulders of two other giants:  Senior Iyengar Master Ben Thomas; Hatha adept and scholar Anirudha Shastri.

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