Toni Dee

Yoga Tune Up® Teacher



Location: Novato, CA, US

A Little About Me

For over 30 years, Toni Dee’s passion for fitness, her understanding of  human movement, knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, as well as her versatility have made her a highly sought-after and well-respected consultant in the Fitness Industry. 
She is well versed, compassionate , and loves working with the elderly and those with orthopedic issues. Keeping aging bodies active is a key to quality of life. 

Toni has excelled in her practices and gained popularity for her accomplishments as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, lecturer, model, bodybuilding and fitness competitor, and judge.

Her personal mottos are:  
- Be Fantastic and Grateful....Everyday!
-  Explore life, then go and live it with PASSION. I would rather die regretting something that I have done, than regretting not having done something.

I am dedicated to being compassionate, loving, courteous, helpful, innovative and respectful to all clients, students, and fellow man. I am devoted to do as God intended for me to do... Service.  Remain true to myself by being positive, upbeat, and honest.

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