Treat While You Train Kit


Join KELLY STARRETT and JILL MILLER as they take you through your entire musculoskeletal system and show you how this myofascial toolkit will help you with Performance, Recovery and Injury Prevention using the entire family of Roll Model® Therapy Balls (1 pair of YTU Therapy Balls w/Tote, 1 Therapy Ball PLUS pair in Tote, 1 ALPHA Ball, & 1 Coregeous Ball).

Segments include: Ball Techniques, Global Shear, Upper Torso, Shoulders & Chest, Elbows & Wrists, Lower Torso, Knee & its Neighbors, Feet & Ankles, plus a Myofascial Educational Demo. The content on this Jill Miller & Kelly Starrett DVD is best suited for serious fitness enthusiasts, professionals and those interested in the educational aspects of myofascial treatment.

Your full Treat While You Train Kit comes in a black mesh bag (and includes an inside pocket for cash, CC, and cell phone). Strap it on your shoulder and take your toolkit to the gym, office or wherever life brings you!

YOU SAVE $15 on product by getting the FULL KIT!  Purchase a single Treat While You Train DVD, or 12 DVDs at our self-care fitness wholesale pricing.

We also offer our over-the-shoulder massage therapy ball tote bag individually.

Therapy Ball colors may vary

Each Roll Model therapy ball that comes in the Treat While You Train kit offers substantial opportunity for improved performance, pain relief and management. The original Yoga Tune Up therapy balls measure around 2 ½-inches in diameter. Their unique rubber make-up grips and grabs at multiple layers of muscle, allowing you to rub out any adhesions and sooth high-tension areas. Slightly larger to cover more surface area, the included Therapy Ball PLUS myofascial self-treatment balls are fantastic for spine rolls. From the top of the neck all the way down to the sacrum, these Roll Model therapy balls offer a one-of-a-kind deep-tissue massage experience. Next, the ALPHA ball measures in at a sizeable 3 ½-inches in diameter, making it ideal for areas such as the QL, pecs, buttocks, hips, and other large masses of muscle. Because it has a soft top layer and a dense inner core, it can roll over and work around bonier parts of the body. Lastly, the inflatable, air-filled Coregeous ball is designed to help you massage and activate your core and stretch your psoas muscle. It is a safe way to softly access your innermost abdominals. Start your pain-management journey today with the Treat While You Train kit from Tune Up Fitness.