In my previous piece, “Hips Don’t Lie: A Message to Pitchers Everywhere”, we touched on the importance for baseball pitchers to give their hips a little TLC. Recent research has found a correlation between limited hip range of motion and risk of tearing the elbow ulnar collateral ligament, which can lead to Tommy John Surgery.

The Tommy John surgery is a  prevalent procedure amongst overhead throwing athletes, but as with any surgery, comes with consequences. Improving hip range of motion can reduce stress on the UCL, which can be as simple as incorporating some simple Yoga Tune Up® hip focused poses .One great pose is the Yoga Tune Up® Happy Baby Minivini, shown in the video below. Even if you are not an overhead athlete, this sequence is great for improving the dynamic mobility of your hips for any sport or movement. The hips don’t lie – and having healthy hips can improve your movement for a variety of activities!



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