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Avoid a Calf-tastrophe

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On Wednesday, I wrote about how lack of strength and suppleness in my gastrocnemius landed me straight onto the couch with an injury and off the running track. Once I was able to run again without any discomfort, which was a about a week post-injury, I began following a program to give my calves the attention they deserved.

Along with rolling out my feet and gastrocnemius with my YTU therapy balls, I also included the following exercises every day prior to the race-day: 

Yoga Tune Up® calf stretch

Calf Raises:

Sitting Seza

As a bonus: these corrective gastrocnemius exercises also help keep shin splints – another concern runners have to deal with – at bay. Three weeks later, after running my half marathon, I am happy to report that apart from some tightness in the backs of my legs, my calves functioned the way they were supposed to and I finished the race pain-free.

Try it out and see how the routine feels in your body. Including these corrective exercises in your self-care kit will go a long way to helping you cross the finish line with aplomb!


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Comments (28)

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