One of the most common misalignments in the yoga pose Chatturanga Dandasana is a lack of engagement of the serratus anterior muscle. What on earth does that mean, right? Let’s break it down:

The serratus anterior is a muscle that is found right below your armpit, and it attaches both to your ribs (the attachments look like a serrated blade, hence the name) and also to the medial or inside edge of the scapula, or shoulderblade. So the serratus is responsible for keeping that inside edge of the scapula flat against your back as you bend your elbows in Chatturanga. When the serratus is weak, it can’t hold the scapula down, and the result is that ‘winged scapula’ that we see so often as students flow through their vinyasa (full disclosure: I used to be a winger!).

Below is a video clip of the Yoga Tune Up® pose Mega Plank, which is a great way to learn how to find and engage that serratus anterior, so that when you go to do your Chatturanga in class, you’ll keep your scapula right where they should be. As you come into Mega Plank, press your forearms into the floor so the scapula move apart, and then pull backwards with your hands and you’ll feel those serrated fingers of the serratus grip your ribs!

The pose is also part of the Yoga Tune Up® 10 Minute Quick Fix for Lower Back video available here.

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