Erin Paruszewski earned her success the hard way: by healing her own chronic pain, then choosing to ignore the naysayers and build an innovative fitness franchise to share what she learned. There is little we respect more here at Tune Up Fitness® than a self-made movement boss! So we are excited to share Erin’s story.

Strength, mobility, and cardio are the three pillars of Erin’s functional fitness franchise called Alkalign Studios. However, education and consistency are at the heart of the studio ethos. Without knowing why you’re doing something, it’s hard to stay motivated. Without consistently practicing, it’s impossible to get sustainable results.

After tearing her ACL at 15 years old, Erin was still motivated to perform at a high level as a runner and Triathlete for the next decade. But by 25 she was riddled with aches and pains–driving her to seek better solutions to manage the discomfort.

She wound up, fatefully, in a class with Tune Up teacher Matt Sharpe featuring self-massage on the Roll Model® Method therapy balls. Now, over a decade later and the mother of two, she lives pain-free and has become a specialist in mobility–the exact piece she felt was missing in her own recovery journey.

Erin includes self-massage on therapy balls in her studios as part of a comprehensive approach to fitness. She encourages her students to take responsibility for their self-care and fitness, but it isn’t always easy, as you’ll hear in the interview below.

Listen to Erin and teacher trainer Ariel Kiley as they dive deeper into what it takes to find the tools to heal oneself, the words to inspire others, and the courage to build your dream business.



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