“Look at autonomic nervous system regulation as a skill, not a state.” – Ryan Glatt

How does an overweight kid with ADD turn into a personal trainer specializing in brain-based fitness?

Well, it all started with video game Dance Dance Revolution which got teenage Ryan Glatt out of sedentary gaming, into movement. He started losing weight, and gaining interest in physical health.

Although Glatt passionately wanted to get to physical therapy school, and almost did in Scotland, life had other plans for him. He was detained for seven days at the Scotland airport, then deported back to the US.

So Glatt wound up pursuing applied functional science and becoming a structural integrator with Tom Myers (of Anatomy Trains). After a few years working with clients, he became particularly interested in cognitive functioning issues, and pursued his current speciality in neuro-health and brain-based fitness.

Click “play” below to hear this fascinating interview conducted by Tune Up Fitness blog manager Ariel Kiley, where Glatt breaks down how to train beyond the physical.

Here you’ll find clues on how to construct holistic exercise plans based on brain health goals. After listening, stop by his website Somatiq.co to learn more.

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