In my last article, I wrote about how traumatic experiences can store themselves in your psoas and contribute to back pain. My self-care routine now combines varied movement – from Pilates, Yoga, and Yoga Tune Up® to cycling, swimming and even running short distances. When there’s pain, which sometimes there is, I tell myself, “It’s just pain”, and do something simple. Even if it doesn’t seem like much – from Apanasana at the wall and leg stretches to lying down on my Coregeous ball and just breathing, every little bit helps. And when there is no pain, I make sure to give myself the full program!

Here are a few essential exercises to strengthen and stretch your entire core, from diaphragm and abdominals to obliques and your QL. Because a Yoga Tune Up® corrective program wouldn’t be complete without some therapy ball love, you can also enjoy the below sequence that will give your lower back a new lease on life. Remember that in addition to adding varied movement to your fitness routine, keep getting Coregeous – the benefits far outweigh the initial discomforts of this powerful purple ball!




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