[Shoulder Tune Up Part 2]

If you sit at a computer regularly, the muscles of the upper back and neck can get very tight holding the weight of your neck and head all day. For every inch your head comes forward from your shoulders, the muscles that root your neck into the rest of your body have to handle an additional 10 pounds of work. Add an 8-hour day of stress and you may find yourself with a very grouchy upper back.

For self neck and shoulder massage, YTU Therapy Balls are the perfect size to melt into the grooves alongside your spine where these postural muscles live, but any size of Roll Model Therapy Ball will do.

Check out the video below where Jill Miller demonstrates how to use a pair of YTU Therapy Balls at the wall, which is ideal if you are in a place where you can’t roll on the ground (like the office or an airport) and want to tame your tension on demand.

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