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Making “nice” with inner voices

Self-talk is only one of many factors that contribute to developing an eating disorder or negative body image. Each individual has a complicated story of how they came to cope with their stresses, body chemistry and emotional traumas. I do not wish to imply that self-talk is the only way into or out of an eating disorder,  as it is a very serious condition that has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and requires comprehensive treatment. Anorexia also carries the highest mortality rate for females age 15-24: 12 times higher than any other cause of death.

But I do want to offer that if you are parenting a child, or re-parenting yourself, please routinely look into the parts of you that you do not like, and begin to create a more diplomatic and compassionate relationship with the layers and parts of yourself that tie together to make you whole. When we compartmentalize our fat, or our skin color, or our bone shapes, we dishonor our complexity, and how important every cell is to the totality of our being.

It’s our parts that make us whole. If you feel there is a hole inside your spirit, and you are looking to fill it in ways that are doing damage, please seek out some of the resources below, and know that you are lovable and worthy and still have the wisdom of an unbiased child within you.

1) National Council on Eating Disorders

2) Kirstin Hara: Spiritual Counseling

3) Geneen Roth, soulful author of Women, Food and God

4) Gil Hedley writes passionately about falling in love with fat

5) My Yoga Tune Up® Core Immersion where we explore these issues and core tissues.

6) Anna Guest-Jelly, the role model and genius behind Curvy Yoga

[Reprinted with kind permission from Gaiam Life.]

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