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Easing Out of Illness

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In my last blog post I wrote about using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls for self-massage and stress relief. For a long time, I was living in fear of any movement because I didn’t want to trigger my most intense moments of dizziness. The Roll Model Method techniques helped me regain mobility and calm me down from the stress I was experiencing. After over a year of undiagnosed dizziness, one neurologist came to the conclusion that I have MAV (Migraine Associated Vertigo). He prescribed me a particular migraine medication and combined it with a magnesium supplement. After two months of using the medication and magnesium, I feel significantly better. I’m not symptom free, but I am able to find the confidence to live my life again.

One of the things that I am finally excited to get back to is exercise. I used the Yoga Tune Up® sequences to build strength and safely regain movement to every joint in my body. Because of the limitations I put on myself from not feeling well, months of inactivity reignited hip pain that had subsided a year prior. I spent a lot of time sitting on the couch in a cross-legged position researching my condition online. This habit of sitting with an externally rotated femur weakened my hip adductors and vastus medialus of the quadriceps. My slumped posture irritated the quadratus lomborum, overworked the piriformis and overstretched my already weak gluteal muscles. (I’m sure there’s more going on too!) This is when I started rolling with self massage therapy techniques and didn’t stop until I got myself into movement once again.

If you’re in a physical slump and need safe, effective, techniques to perform in the comfort of your home, try The Roll Model Method and Yoga Tune Up® exercises and movement techniques.

I do Prasarita Lunges in order to warm up my hips, tone the adductors, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles. Check out the link below.

Want to tone internal and external rotators of the hip for a symmetrical lower half? Check out this asymmetrical hip hike. This was helpful in keeping my body balanced.

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Comments (18)

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