Now that you’ve read Wednesday’s post and found this superpower muscle, how do you strengthen her so that she can support your shoulder? The serratus anterior is featured and awakened in the following Yoga Tune Up® poses: Side Plank, Dolphin Supinate, Plank with Serratus and Megaplank with Active Serratus.

What if you’re just getting started? I recommend doing Megaplank with Active Serratus against the wall. Using a full yogic breath, inhale and tubularize your core; then exhale actively and press both forearms and hands into the wall. As you do this you’ll protact both scapulae. Please cheer your serratus on as it responds.

You might be surprised to find that the support of the serratus anterior is more than physical. Amy Cuddy in her over-the-top TED talk and in her recent book, Presence (2015 Little Brown), demonstrated that holding power poses (open, expansive body positions) makes you feel both powerful and grounded at the same time. But here’s the amazing part. It’s not just feelings. Blood tests determined that the power poser’s hormone profile changes. As feelings of power increase, testosterone rises and your feel more assertive but cortisol, the stress hormone lowers, and you feel more grounded and less anxious. This hormonal profile, Cuddy argues, is perfect for feeling “present” in challenging situations.

Cuddy’s research demonstrated that job seekers who engaged in a power pose before heading into a job interview got the job more often! The support of the serratus anterior, a postural core muscle is crucial in establishing both the power and the support of a superwoman power pose.

So find and wake up your serratus anterior and you just might feel like Superwoman, but what’s more, you might find yourself feeling more powerful overall. Who wouldn’t want that?

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