My love for yoga began with a vinyasa class at a small studio in 2005. The fast paced rhythm and exercise provided an outlet for the athlete inside of me, and harmony of movement offered me tranquility and stress relief. It was love at first savasana.

As I devoted more time to my practice, I began to encounter slowly mounting injuries from yoga, like so many yogis before me. Over time, my shoulders began to lack the ability to endure the demand of a high intensity vinyasa class; the pain would end many of my sessions early, and after months of frustration, I came to harmony with the decision to honor what my body was telling me, and suspend my practice to recover.

When I approached the mat six months later, I was confused, to say the least. Yoga was the gentle art, the practice of breath and movement combined with inner peace. I never expected the searing pain and crushing defeat of a slowly growing injury to be part of my practice. I couldn’t stay away though, I had spent my off-time recovering physically, and also focusing mentally on the practice of yoga itself; this time would be better, I knew I had to change my flow.

My initiation into Yoga Tune Up® was driven by the desire to find peace with my body and my practice. As it turns out, my shoulder issues were just another injury in a long line that I hadn’t pieced together. Growing up as an asthmatic athlete and then entering a career in science where you hunch over a microscope all day, followed by carrying and caring for two children, I have been haunted with hunched shoulders and tight pec minors, a common posture that we see here in Silicon Valley.  Through YTU I was able to better understand my shoulder misalignment issues and begin to regain length in my pec minor and strength in my serratus anterior allowing for a better engaged and better supported shoulder during my flow practice and everyday life.

I know my injury is not an anomaly. Yogis all over the world suffer from unknown injuries coming from incorrect posture and long standing health issues. With the training from YTU I am empowered to not only adjust my own practice, but bring peace and harmony to so many Yogis in my classes which may have problems. And what started as a love for the practice has blossomed into a love for healing and teaching. But this is just the start! Try Shoulder Flossing as I demonstrate below to keep shoulders balanced and happy.

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