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Fluffy Buttocks 101

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From The Trail Guide to the Body, “Humans are unique among mammals not only with respect to their extra-large brains, but also because of their well-padded buttocks.  No other mammal has such deposits of adipose tissue in the gluteal region, and no one seems to know why we have them.  It was thought that the buttocks gave us something to sit upon, but we really sit upon our ischial tuberosities.  And for good reason:  if we did not, the gluteus maximus and gluteal fascia would be compressed beneath us.”  Guess what, folks, it is compressed beneath us because we have such poor posture that we sit, rounded and on the glutes, instead of upright on the ischial tuberosities.    What to do?  What to do?

On Wednesday, I talked about the anatomy and mechanics of the glutes and why it is important to keep them in check for buttock pain relief and health. First step?

Fluffy buttocks 101:

Fluff your buttocks using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls for glute self massage. Stand at a wall with any size of YTU ball and roll over your whole buttock area.  Pretend the ball is an eraser and erase the whole butt side to side, up and down, crisscross, explore outward toward the hip.  It’s your booty.  It’s your body.  Hydrate the matted down, stuck, connective tissues.   Check out The Roll Model for a butt load of ball techniques that will save you from the inside out.

So you now have a fluffy buttocks.  YAY.  Just as important is a strong buttocks.  There are many things you can do to strengthen the glutes.  This is one of the easiest and a great place to start.  Buttock lifts. (see video below)

Enjoy your newly fluffed and strengthened buttocks!



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Comments (26)

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