“So how can I get my levator to stop screaming mutiny, and maybe even be the happy worker bee it was meant to be?” you ask. Well, it may partly depend on why it’s tight. If it’s tight because you’ve been texting all day, with your chin buried in your chest, then the muscles are already overstretched, and stretching and lengthening them even more isn’t the best idea. But rolling, shearing, and lubricating is!

One of my favorite Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball moves for this is Jill’s awesome freeform with Dr. Kelly Starrett (shown in the video clip below) that gets the levator and all its cohorts! If instead, the muscle is tight and actually short from showing off that 20lb Gucci bag, and that shoulder nearly reaches your ear, then lengthening it can be helpful, so turn your  YTU roll-a-thon into a pin-n-stretch fest. Adding some PNF moves to either of these is a dynamite way to interrupt a muscle stuck in a cycle of spasm.

So next time your Levator Scapula is threatening to walk off the job – before you call in the big guns to negotiate a settlement – consider that you may just be asking it to do work it’s barely qualified for. And before it establishes a picket line, see if a visit to the YTU Therapy Ball Spa and Resort might coax it back to its happy place.

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