Earlier this week, I covered some unwelcome consequences of losing your awareness of a neutral pelvis and promised a tip for peeling away the head of the femur bone from the front rim of your hip socket. This practice has allowed me to retrain my perception to accept nothing less than a balanced pelvis for sitting and standing and has educated many of my students on how to target a neutral pelvis for supine positions. With that information, students then graduate the knowledge into standing postures and movement off of their mats. It is one of my favorites to share, practice and observe in my own work.

The “Looped Strap Hip Opener” allows you to feel the femur being drawn away from the hip socket as your pelvis, particularly your sacrum, is felt in contact with the floor. This contact enables you to harness any unconscious movement in the tilt of the sacrum and, in turn, the whole pelvis. This harnessing of movement creates and maintains pelvic neutral for effective hip opening and a big boost in proprioception of the hip joint.

You will need two straps for this hip opening stretch. If you do not have two, you could use a necktie or jump rope as a substitute for one of the straps. Check out the hip exercise video below for the stretch!



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