Scott, an enthusiastic golfer, came to me desiring increased hip flexibility and strength in order to improve his golf swing. As Scott sat and shared his concerns with me, I observed his position as he kept one leg crossed over the other throughout our meeting,  a common postural habit.  Everyday habits however, add up to uneven flexibility and strength in the hips. This lack of symmetry becomes highlighted and even reinforced in athletic endeavors, especially those that tend to favor one sided movement such as golf, tennis or baseball.

Take a moment to tune in to your body: as you read this, are your legs or ankles crossed the same habitual way you always cross them? While brushing your teeth or fixing your hair, or stirring the pot in the kitchen do you tend to shift your weight to the same hip? Routinely favoring one side of your body over the other, even in simple everyday activities, will ingrain imbalances.

To directly address this asymmetry, I introduced Scott to Hip Hikers on all Fours which I’ve posted below, and which is also on the 10 Minute Quick Fix for Hips video available here.  This unique targeted exercise for hip mobility helped Scott and will guide you to balancing and toning your hips, even providing some core stabilization practice in the process!

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