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Pop star salvation: Stick our your tongue like a rock god!

On Day #4 I was audible. I had one more special, two-hour Core Integration workshop to teach, all about the diaphragm, core strength, breath and cool gut stuff. At the end of the workshop, a blond pixie-haired Swedish lady introduced herself to me as Robyn and said that she was a singer and has toured for the last five years without getting hoarse by doing a special tongue massage. She told me, “Stick out your tongue and play with it, pull on it just like a baby. Put your fingers in your mouth and massage it, it will release your vocal chords … and massage your throat, too.”

Swedish pop star, Robyn. Photo: Lorne Thomson

I went back to my hotel, filled the tub and soaked while I massaged the base of my tongue from inside my mouth. It was so freakin’ tight! After 15 minutes (and a lot of drool), I started to have an upper register and a smoother tone. As the base of my tongue relaxed, the inner muscles of my throat gave way, allowing my vocal chords to vibrate again. Waves of tears also sprang out of my eyes, and I could cry out loud instead of in silence. This was the miracle I had been looking for! No lozenge, no inhaler, no steroid nor tea could substitute for fumbling through my own inner tension by taking a hold of it at the root — the root of my tongue.

Life on the road has been incredibly stressful for the past year (I have traveled for more than 140 days out of the last 365), and my inoperable voice is clearly trying to tell me something. Some of the many inner messages that I heard were: Slow down. Be still. Listen to love. Speak for silence. Sing more. (I really like that one!)

Lose your voice, listen with your heart

I am eternally grateful to Robyn. (Did you see her on Saturday Night Live with Katy Perry in December? She is awesome!) She is the best Swedish massage teacher on the planet. The student definitely became the teacher in this instance, and I am so glad she spoke up.

So the next time you lose your voice and are wondering how to regain it, go looking for it with your own hands, and keep your heart listening as you take the plunge.

[reprinted with permission from Gaiam Life.]

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