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How to Fluff Your Butt

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On Wednesday, I told you a bit about why it’s so important to keep the tissues in your rear end fluffy, hydrated and fluid. This is very counter-intuitive to many of my massage clients and yoga students who work hard for their “buns of steel” and then often suffer from too much tightening in the gluteus maximus. If I could, I would require all of them to use the following Yoga Tune Up® exercises to fluff their butts.

Don’t think that your work is done after fluffing – the gluteus maximus often needs strengthening too. Bring your rear end into your awareness throughout your day, including when you walk and stand. Instead of plopping down into your chair, think of slowly lowering down into your chair and standing up. You can also practice Eagle Pose to help both stretch and strengthen your butt muscles. Make this pose even more powerful by attempting to pry the arms and legs away from one another to initiate a PNF.

Hopefully these tips help to bring your rear back in gear for a healthier back side!

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Comments (40)

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